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i want to change the statistics of women

My experience informs my focus

I founded Bumbershoot because I know first-hand how exhausting it can be navigating politics as a “first,” “only,” or minority in established corporate culture. My experience informs my focus on the potential for the 21st century workforce, customer experience, and culture. I want to change the statistics of women and people of color in leadership positions, which includes supporting the successful navigation and acceleration of your career journey with supportive, informative and empowering communities.

Transforming cultures

We help business leaders

We help business leaders strategically reposition their cultures for collaboration and inclusivity to provide a welcoming and empowering community for career acceleration of women and people of color. 

Building Communities

Everyone needs a little help sometime

Everyone needs a little help sometime and when we are working as hard as we do and focused on all of the other aspects of life, it is difficult to find the authentic support that we need to share a work related problem, to find the right doctor in a new neighborhood or a friend to share life’s ups and down.

We build communities based on demographics, data and popular interests, but find the shared personal passion points that make our communities truly niche for authentic connection.

Because of the detail we put into creating our communities, we can offer honest and detailed customer feedback about your new products and your content ideas and extend project reach marketing costs effectively into diverse markets. 

A gathering place for women

A community that supports career evolution, life’s transitions, camaraderie, and philanthropy for professional women in their 40’s and 50’s. Spiceteria is a community where women can enhance the recipe of their lives through flavorful stories, experiences and unique finds while feeling the warmth, laughter, and support that we all need to realize our best self.
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Bond at the beginning of the journey

A community for Millennial aged professional women. They are new to the community and relatively new to their careers. The Authentically Us community provides a soft landing for authentic connections, professional development and mentoring, mental and physical well-being, personal development and fun.
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